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Best Available Technology - Keys TDK SA-X100 

Taken from ‘Excavated Tapes 1992-1999, Vol. 1’. Forthcoming on Astro:Dynamics, May 6th 2013.


Standing alone in a deserted square of time, and turning in around 30 minutes, this could be a portrait of our new recipe - usually we let visions like these ride high above our eyes but this time it is captured right before them - Filmed in it’s entirety by Peter Hagge, the analog environmentalist, and featuring HQ live performances by Cloudface, Aquarian Foundation, No Gold, Bobby Draino, and the Passenger - this flick has been waiting in the cut for some time now… a night of deep dance on the now defunct 100 block of W. Hastings… Excellent live jams and black-lit dancing, somehow rescued in the moment and contained for us until now - opportunities like this are largely rarefied… Despite the oncoming excursions into the future we will always remember Summer 2012 as this…